Vermont Division of Fire Safety

Office of the State Fire Marshal, State Fire Academy, and State HAZMAT Team
                                    Mission Statement

The mission is to protect lives and property with a coordinated effort in code enforcement, fire service training, public education, and hazardous materials response.


The Division of Fire Safety provides a number of services related to the safety of residents and guests of the State. The Division has four Regional Offices that provide the review of construction documents, permitting, inspections, safety education and training, data management, product or site investigation and response to emergencies. The Fire Academy provides training, certification, data management and training resources for the fire service, and support of the Fire Service Training Council.



Annual Fire Safety Calendar and Poster Contest Program.

This year marks a very special year as we have reached our 25th anniversary! We hope to have a record number of schools participating as we have some surprises in store. If your school has participated in the past; we look forward to seeing all the new artwork. If your school is new to this program and you need some additional information/suggestions or are just completely lost in what we do; please call us. We have a team of enthusiastic staff ready to answer your questions and help in any way we can.

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   2014  Report of the State Fire Marshal   


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    How to File a Safety Complaint

If you have a complaint regarding fire safety contact your landlord or building owner in an effort to resolve the issue. A formal complaint may be submitted by completing the form below and either mail, fax, or drop off to the appropriate Regional Office (see Regional map). Upon receipt the Division of Fire Safety will schedule an inspection with the building owner.    

The Division of Fire Safety is responsible for fire safety related issues including; smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, electrical safety, heating appliance safety, exiting, and plumbing.  It is common to redirect complaints to Other State or Municipal Agencies when it is determined the division has no jurisdiction (example: lead and asbestos abatement, rodent infestation, and trash removal).

DFS Fire Safety Complaint Form



Make Every Day a Fire Safe Day!